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Does having a Comic-Con Member ID guarantee my ability to purchase, apply, or register for a Comic-Con or WonderCon badge?

Registration for a Comic-Con Member ID does not reserve or guarantee you a badge. A Comic-Con Member ID is required to login to the Third-party Registration Provider only, and does not increase your chances of purchasing a badge or registering for a press, professional, or volunteer badge. Your chance of buying or registering for a badge is not influenced in any way by the number of times you register for a Member ID, or the information you provide during sign-up. Multiple Member ID registrations will be deleted.

How will I know when online badge registration is open?

By registering for a Comic-Con Member ID, you will receive email announcements regarding badge registration for Comic-Con and WonderCon. We strongly recommend that you sign-up for your Member ID with a reliable email account that you have permanent access to so you do not miss any announcements.

You must "opt-in" to email and post mail correspondence to receive important registration and badge sale dates. For information on how to change your email subscription preferences, click the "FAQ" section above.

We also suggest that you check the Comic-Con website frequently at for updates, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Is a Comic-Con Member ID required in order to purchase a Comic-Con badge?

Everyone who intends to purchase a badge for Comic-Con or WonderCon must sign-up for a Comic-Con Member ID. This includes attendees, professionals, press, trade professionals, exhibitor main contacts, and volunteers. You will not be able to apply or register for a professional, press, or volunteer badge without a Comic-Con Member ID. Additionally, you may not purchase a badge for another individual using your own personal Member ID. Each attendee must have their own Comic-Con Member ID.

Can I purchase additional badges for my friends or family members?

You may purchase additional badges for your friends or family only if you have their personal Comic-Con Member ID and last name. When online registration opens, you must have the Member ID and last name of each individual you intend to purchase a badge for, including junior children (ages 13 17).

Are juniors and children required to have a Comic-Con Member ID?

A Comic-Con Member ID is free and available to all adult and junior (ages 13 to 17) attendees with a valid email address. Juniors must have their own personal Comic-Con Member ID and email address to purchase a badge. Children (age 12 and under) may not register for a Comic-Con Member ID. For information on obtaining a child badge, please visit: