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Member ID Help

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How do I sign up for a Comic-Con Member ID?

Select the "New Member ID" link from the Comic-Con Member ID Registration homepage, and review the Terms of Service before selecting "continue >>". Enter your First Name, Last Name, self-selected Member ID, Email, Password, Membership Type (Adult, Junior, Military, or Senior), Country, and Zip/Postal code. We advise that you utilize the "check availability" feature for the Member ID and Email field before clicking the "continue >>" button. Once an available Member ID and Email have been established, please complete the CAPTCHA and click the "continue" button. If you don't like the CAPTCHA, you can always refresh it using the refresh button Refresh the CAPTCHA to the right.

On the next page, complete your Street Address, confirm your City and State, enter your phone number, and select your "Opt-Outs." Please be sure to read the opt-outs carefully, as some will remove you from receiving important registration updates and badge sale notifications. Once your selections have been made, click "continue >>" to submit your Member ID registration.

My family uses one email address, why do you require a unique email address for each person?

By requiring a unique email address for each Member ID, our hope is to increase the speed of the online registration process and prevent duplicate registrations that allow scalpers to purchase multiple badges and sell them at inflated prices. Our intent is that the Comic-Con Member ID system will allow more fans to purchase badges for the event.

What if I do not have an email address?

A valid and unique email address is required to sign up for a Comic-Con Member ID. You will not be able to purchase a Comic-Con badge or register as a professional, trade professional, volunteer, exhibitor main contact, or member of the press without an email address. We suggest that you sign up for an email address from one of the many free email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo.

How do I confirm my email?

Our system will send you a confirmation email including: the email on record, your personal Member ID, and a unique confirmation code. Click the unique confirmation link in your email and you will be automatically redirected to the confirmation page, or return to your browser and select the "confirm your email" link on the Member ID Registration homepage. You will be asked to enter your email and confirmation code before clicking the "continue >>" button. Your Comic-Con Member ID is confirmed and active once this process is completed. Please note that Comic-Con International periodically purges unconfirmed Member ID accounts. Your Member ID account is not valid for badge purchase or registration until you confirm your email address.